The yaw axis does not work.
  • I connected the add-in card for the 3rd axis by the book, the Pitch and Roll work perfectly, but when the active Yaw, giving power to the motor, all the gyroscopes spinning wildly, even the Pitch and Roll and the gimbal crazy , cut power to the motor to 0 of yaw everything returns to normal.
    I tried two "3rd Axis Ext Board", same problem.
    If, however, the no-load motor control, without the weight of the Gimbal this works well! ... it is as if the external board does not make it to the otor control the 3rd axis.
    I tried to change the PID in all ways, but to no avail
    Do you have suggestions ...?
  • Most of the times you have to power cycle the boards so the changes take effect...then you will see the 3rd axis working. Unless you have current ptroblems and no power to the board or motor wires cut/bad soldering.