How to use software on Apple Mac???
  • HI Alex

    I have build a 3 axis gimbal and it has been a great susses, i just have a problem, i want to use my mac pro to do the programming as my pc is just a small notebook so it cuts out the bottom of the screen,

    i have got the version 2.2 to come up ok on the mac but i cant get it to communicate on the com ports, do you have any help on this???


  • Also would like to know this...

    Some more writeup on this would be welcome!
    Im not sure what port to connect to using this on latest OSX
  • @britishtrev

    If you have the flyduino one you should connect it to the mini USB, but think you have other board?
    Have problems with mini usb also

    Would you mind sharing some pictures of the board + how you connected it?
    I studied flyduino manual on 3rd extension but there are 2 power connections, 1 on the 3rd extension and 1 on the mainboard, im confused on how to connect the 2 components and add a power supply ( battery ) would much appreciated
  • Definitly would be much appreciated if Alex Mos or any of the team, could writeup on this subject.
    The board lays on my desk unusable still because I cannot connect to it on my mac
  • Hi jorrie

    I have the alexmos Version 1 card, it has the usb on there already,
    i have no problem hooking it up to a my little pc but i really would love to use it on my mac, i have the software on there ok but have probs with the comm port, please help :-)
  • You just need the mac drivers!
  • What mac drivers? I have all the drivers installed I think still it does not work
    Please post link to correct mac drivers plea
  • just google

    FTDIUSBSerialDriver Mac older boards
    SiLabsUSBDriver Mac newer boards
  • Hi every body,
    I'm a real beginner, want to use a gimbal with Alexmos card on my Sailplane.
    Someone can make a summary For Mac user.
    Where find the soft and how install propely, and completely useful (driver, .
    Thanks a lot for your help.
  • Hey Guys,

    What file do i run on the mac. I only have a Simple BCG.exe file?

  • On Mac run SimpleBGC_GUI.jar