Powering RC Receiver (Spektrum AR8000)
  • We are using a 3 axis AlexMos board for a dual pilot quadcopter (pilot+camera) brushless gimbal and will be using a Spektrum AR8000 receiver for Gimbal pitch and yaw control. The question at hand is how to best power the AR8000. The board has a solder bridge labelled L1 between the 5V line on the servo inputs and the 5V regulator on the board (see image).

    The regulator supplies .5amps of current according to the datasheet for it, does anyone know if the AlexMos board and AR8000 combination would require more power than that?

    Image: http://i.imgur.com/FpRl93E.jpg
  • Hello!

    From the receiver's specs, It takes maximum 160mA. So it is safe to supply it from the controller board.

    Power Consumption: 160mA (nominal)
    110mA (stand by)
    20mA (power save)
  • A quick question. I got a board same as this one. May I short the labeled L1 to provide 5V on middle pin? Thanks so much.
  • don´t need to Irvine. You have 5volts on the group of 4 pins next to the button 2 pine
  • Kikojiu what if you DO want to use the servo inputs for powering your receiver? Wouldn't it be okay to short the L1 pads?