Issues with Simple BGC 3.0
  • Hello Folks,

    I recently started working with BLDC motors, and I purchased the Simple BGC 3.0 to use them, I followed the steps provided in the manual, but my motors don´t move, and I keep getting this error: Emergency Stop: Diver Fault(under-voltage, over current, short circuit)

    I´m using a 2000 mAh and 12 V battery to operate the motors, Does someone know what this error is about?

    Any help will be gladly appreciated
  • Hello,
    The GUI can displays this error in the following cases:
    - conected motor has vely low phase-to-phase resistence, in depending of used SBGC controller are suitable motors with phase-to-phase resistence starting rom 2 Ohm. Motors with lower phase-to-phase will be identified of motor driver as short circuit.
    - one or more motor phases are short-circuited with each other, similar to the case described above.
    - some motor winding has short circuit to motor case or to negatice battery plug or to GND.

    Try to check each case of your system and tell us about result.
    Have a nice day.
  • Hello!
    Thank you, that actually was the reason why!
    Since my motors had a 0.4 ohm phase resistance the SimpleBGC was mistaking them as a short circuit.

    Thank you very much