IMU read value looks weird
  • My gimbal has only two stabilized axis, pitch and yaw.
    I have completely set up my gimbal using out-off-box imu . The control looks fine. I calibrated the accelerometer all 6 axis. When I level the gimbal, calibrate the gyro, and try spin the gimbal in yaw axis, everything looks ok. Once I try to pitch the gimbal down either up or down and spin it. The GUI monitors that gimbal spin correctly but the pitch angle value look weird. If it’s pitched down, the value will indicate that it pitch up when it rotate 180 degree and back to the same state once it has fully rotated. It occurs the same way if it’s pitched up.

    I have asked to my local community about this.They said it was about power supply. But I have provided the proper voltage to the Basecam board. I wonder that might not be the cause.

    I have the video of the issue. I’m starting to upload it. I’ll get links here.

  • This video shows the level rotation.
  • This video started with pitching the gimbal down, followed by up and then level.
  • Alright, I have found it out. Somehow the imu have yaw limit of 180 degree. So, if I pitch it down, nose of the sensor point down, and rotate it 180 degree, the back of the sensor which now is pointing up will be at where the nose of it was. It will indicate that the nose is pointing up.

    How can I uncap this imu limit?