can mcu, can driver, calibration L and R falied, no response from the board
  • https://youtu.be/6Es9rn5cmwI can mcu, can driver, calibration L and R falied, no response
    What do i need to check?
  • Hello,
    During this calibration, it's necessary to slowly and smoothly rotate the motor by hand in different directions: http://ybex.com/d/x5vx6lru8jyeqw0gbfhq6rm4sd63wr7gdatsbe8d.html
    Thi sscreenshot form here: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/files/CAN_DRV/CAN_Drv_initial_setup_eng.pdf
    But as I see on your video something wrong with connection of CAN_MCU board with the GUI, and calibration process is interrupted. Try to check what could be the problem.
  • yes, i am doing the motor rotation, but alway have the same error on both can driver. Also i try to READ FROM MODULE but have a message: Error reading parameters: no answer on comand. Maybe it is a motor problem? What do i need to check?
  • What devices are connected to the system except CAN_drv module and CAN_MCU board?
    What firmware uses CAN_drv module? Go to Firmware upgrade tab of the GUI -> Connected modules -> Refresh. And in drop-down list of connected CAN modules, find CAN_drv, firmware version will be indicated there: frw.ver #

    Are the motor windings connected directly to CAN_Drv module motor plug?

    Also, please send place here a link to specification of using motor.