Can I calibrate Encoders with gearing between motor / frame?
  • Hi there,

    I tried to calibrate the el field of my encoders but have a gearing between motors and frame which is 0.6.

    In the manual it is stated to turn gearing off. But if I turned it off there wouldn't be 16000 steps per 360°.

    I get the error message that I have configured the wrong numbers poles or inverted the motor when I set the gearing to 1 and when I set it to 0.6.

    Without gearing turned on 1 turn of the motor resembles approximately 16000 steps in the monitoring. With gearing it's less.

    GUI is 2.63b0

    Motors are GB/PM4315 with 14 pole pairs.

    Encoders are AS5600 PWM

  • Update:
    I found out that my motor to frame gearing ratio in fact wasn't 0.6 but 1.6 (I was working with the frame to motor ratio) but still have the same problem. The encoders calibration of el field results in the error message.
  • Update: Now I read that the "Angle to move at calibration" should be set to 40
    After resetting this angle the roll axis calibration seem to work. But when it changes to Pitch it is interrupted.