IMU Issues; not working or errors.
  • Hi, This is first time to discuss on forum. It's so exciting.
    I sent several emails to Basecam's supporters and got solutions many times.
    But I have more issues. I believe that many people's discussions will solve the problems.

    Befor the problem, describing status;
    I make gimbal with Simple BGC 32 bit - encoder enable and only using at Roll axis.
    To prevent excessive rotation, apply stopper each 90 degree side as hardware.

    Using this board I've had too many troubles.
    I know lots of that are my fault and mistake.
    Now I have a I2C error issue.

    I set the board, and did IMU calibration.
    IMU calibration done, I checked.

    But when Motor power on, I2C error occurs and increases.
    Gimbal looks like trying to stabilize but some trouble like zig..? tic..? symptom.

    First, I thoght it is IMU or it's cable problem. but I changed IMU and cable more than 4times, issues are occur same.
    Second I thoght it is motor problem. but Why I2C errors count up?
    And I found green LED blinks slowly and constantly even gimbal have no motion.
    In manual, blink slowly means that calibration is going on.
    I calibrated and double check.

    This gimbal, I used it well with same board and motor, a month ago.
    It worked well, no problem, Just left in cargo a month.

    This problem has been constantly and intermittently and has been solved by changing the board or IMU each time.
    Now I want to know what is fundamental trouble.

    Anybody else know about this issue? or similar experience?