Trying to use SimpleBGC (8-bit) with FrSky X8R
  • Hi!

    Well, a few years ago, I build my own quadrocopter and bought a lot of stuff, but did not finish everything: the quadrocopter is (more or less) finished, but the 3 axis gimbal with the SimpleBGC (8 bit) is only mounted, but not setup.

    So, my first step was to install the SimpleBGC GUI 2.40 b8 and update the firmware to the same version.
    Alright, now I want to get some signal from my Taranis and connected the FrSky X8R to the board.

    But after connecting the LiPo, the LEDs of the X8R did not flash. I checked the voltage: 5.08V, seems ok. I plugged the X8R back to the FC and it works just fine, so no defect on the X8R. I experimented and tested, but got the X8R not working with power from the SimpleBGC board.

    Does anyone have an idea, why this may not work and how to fix it?

    I decided to ignore this and power the X8R temporarily from the FC. I connected the X8R with the ports on the SimpleBGC board, connected wiht the SimpleBGC GUI on my notebook and setup the RC settings. But nevertheless what settings I provided and which ports I connected, there was no chance of controlling the roll and/or pitch with my Taranis :-(

    Can someone describe which ports I have to connect and what settings I have to use so that the data from my Taranis is used?

    Thank you all in advance!