Simple BGC 8 - Bit, all kind of problems... Helps please !
  • Hi,

    recently, i bought a gimbal that was built from a DIY kit or something, it was cheap and the seller told me that it once worked, but never again. I took the risk of buying it, so the motors seems to work, the board is a 8-bit 2 axis + 3rd axis board.

    First i connected it to my computer and the software Simple BGC GUI, so the board is working too.
    I figured out how to set the Pitch axis correctly (or roll i don't remember, i'm totally new in the gimbal world i always work with mechanical steadicam..but it is the one where the camera is standing on.) so yea i set the PID, working prrrretty fine, need adjustments but alright.

    BUT THEN, the roll motor... i set the motor power, the P, the D (i tried every sens possible) but as soon as i set the I, this axis starts to shake.. witch is really really annoying.
    I thought i was the YAW extension board that was causing problems (i suspect bad wiring from the last owner.. so i disconnected it but nothing changed)

    I tried to find the awnsers to my questions since 2 months now, but no suces so, sorry but i had to post here..

    Hope someone can help me to get this working, thanks a lot ! (And btw sorry for any mistakes i may have made, english is not my native langage.)