BaseCamBGC Pro - 10.40A
  • Hi,

    Why does it say it take 10.40A without anything connected to it? What can have happend?

    It started when I used a Solenoid on same battery (not connected to board), before it show correct amps and now it show 10.40A and stop working after a while.


    Best Regards
  • I cannot proceed with testing because of this, anyone had this issue and know how to fix it? I have nothing connected and it shows 10.40 amps and it turns off after a few seconds.
  • Hello,

    Please measure the actual current that gimbal takes. Does the "BAT" value is correct?
    It might be that board is damaged, but I have no ideas which component actually it may be. Current is measured by ADC, so if ANY of ADC inputs is out of normal conditions (i.e. voltage > 3.3V), all other inputs will show wrong values. Also if any ADC input was in over-voltage condition, it may cause permanent brake of complete ADC subsystem.

    Regards, Aleksey