two motors one Axis
  • HI,

    What adjustments are neccessary in the GUI if there are two motors on the one axis.

    When you auto detect the poles youu can gget crazy numbers.

    Should i count the poles for each motor and add them?

    Also should i double the power output?

    Are there anyother parameters to be aware of therefore?

    If anyone has answers i'd be intangibly grateful.

    Kind REgards,

  • sounds like you have no clue what your doing ! please do some research and reading of old post all the answers are in previous posts on this topic! If you like hand holding please pay for support from a professional ! you can PM me if you need help .
  • Thank you, very helpful
  • So i have been through the Forum and whilst i have seen a few posts on having two motors per axis, I can't see the answers to my questions. It is mentioned that motors should be roatated to be in sync and to be wary of the combined drop in impedence of the motors raising the current, however i cannot see how to handle this in terms of power or poles in the GUI.
    If anyone has experience with this please let me know how you handled it.

    Kind Regards,
  • obviously when connected in parallel electrical equipment will utilize the same power and amperage this is basic common knowledge ! Motors are no different.
  • AOPEN3434 have you nothing bettter to do than to lurk around this forum being obnoxious, unhelpful and ultimately inaccurate? why do you bother? If you can't be helpful say nothing.

    if one motor of X-Ohms is a load in a circuit and you place a second same motor in parallel in the same circuit than the overall resistance of that circuit is now halved. If the both circuits have the same voltage then the current in the second circuit is twice the first. The power in the second circuit is therefore changed too as P=VI.

    So AOPEN3434 if you can't be helpful and you can't be correct.....keep your "basic common knowledge" to yourself and go peddle your rubbish where you aren't wasting my time.
  • please do not get upset when you ask question you do not like the answer your question was power on poles in the GUI! one motor or 2 the power is the same ! what second circuit only one circuit driving 2 motors ! I am the expert on this topic I designed the first double pitch motor gimbals then double roll motor gimbals !

    you have 2 motors and the both have 12 volts from the same battery will they not spin at the same rpm as one motor on only one battery at 12 volts ?
  • Hail to thee 'expert', praise and adulation in exultation (i'd put an exclamation in here but you've used them all up it seems. greedy)
  • @bugcit I am sure AOPEN3434 would have happily helped you if you showed some understanding on the matter, asked nicely and maybe paid sometingh for his time, but after this kind of discussion I am douptful too if I should provide any help for you, even if paid.

    That said, for general knowledge. connecting two or more motors together they must act as one motor. The controller does not know or care how many motors there is on one axis. It just needs to pole count and be able to provide the current. The pole count is the same as for single motor. All motors on the same axis must have same pole count.

    The poles must be mechanically synched and the motor phases (wires) must be connected so that they support rotation to the same direction. Connecting two motors paralel and the resistance is halved. Both motors can still take the same voltage and as follow current as originally.

    So it is not super complicated, but in my opinion too it is not for someone building first gimbal and/or showing no understanding on the matter.
  • Thank you very much @Garug, that was very helpful and it was all i sought to know as the answers to these questions i had not seen published in this forum before (though i may have missed them). @AOPEN3434, i apologise.
    In my defence i have fundamentally misunderstood what the purpose of this forum was for, I thought it was a place where people look for answers to questions they had, that other interested people may take the time (as you have previously i see) to answer them or share their experiences.
    However I did not realise it was a place to contact paid consultants or otherwise pay for information. With this misapprehension (mine) in mind i found it needlessly antagonistic, intolerant and patronising to use language such as "haven't got a clue", "hand holding" and "basic common knowledge". This got my goat as we say, but again i apologise for my reaction @AOPEN3434, it was beneath me.

    Kind Regards
  • @Garug @AOPEN3434
    Wow!! So we don't actually need 2 motor driver to run 2mot-1axis (provided the driver has enough power to run both, of course). This is (good) news to me.

    I am planning to build a gimbal with some axis have 2 motors –probably less efficient than 1 big motor, but I have size restriction. It will be very appreciated if anyone could "hand hold" me in the process. It is a project with a client and deadline, thus a certain reasonable consultation fee can be arranged.

    I have some experience with SBGC before, but it was some years ago. Judging from the new products in this site, I wouldn't over-estimate my knowledge. (read: please help)
  • If it is correctly setup, two or more motors just became as one. A single motor is just much easier to setup and use.