YAW axis has no power output ?
  • YAW axis has no power output on my MINI BGC(tiny pro v2),I had try to erase EEPROM,upgraded frameworks...so on,but had no result.
    Already output YAW by enable YAW out put. when I start MOTOR AUTO Configuration,I notice that YAW axis motor had not rotate at all time,but PID had rise up to a large value and restore the initial value at the end.
    But when I swap YAW and ROLL motors,the yaw motor was works as the roll motor.
    Which step in the setup did I miss? Or is there a problem with my board?
    Thanks in advance for all the answers.
  • In addition, I have a SBGC V4.5 board here. I connected three motors and powered them up. Both ROLL and PITCH are fixed in one position, but YAW is also not powered. I'm confused. Is there a default setting that does not power on the YAW axis?
  • did you physically swap motor plugs or did you swap it in the software are all motors enabled? is your IMU calibrated can you move the gimbal and all the gauges move in the correct direction ?