LS-FOG-01AB - IMU sensor
  • Hey,

    Of curiosity, have someone tried an optical fiber gyroscope on basecam? and would it be possible to use? We are looking for a gyro that can withstand stress and reliability, we will use it on motor vehicles and boats during filming and are willing to test what difference it makes with a FOG sensor.

    for example, LS-FOG-01AB sensor.

    Best Regards
  • Hello,

    No, we did not try FOG sensor and as I know, nobody tried. It is not possible to connect it to our board - analog models needs external ADC, digital model need to add a support in firmware. Because of a very high price, we are not planning to add support of FOG sensors in near future.

    Regards, Aleksey.
  • Okay, then we know.

  • I guess the main purpose of such IMU would be to reduse the drifting. It could be used as external reference for the system to do that. It needs an interfasing unit though.

    We are developing geopointing.

    We are focusing to other medhods than very expensive gyroscope, but if you are serious about it, you could contact me. www.levitezer.com