Manual Control
  • Hello,

    I have built a 3 axis gimbal and have a question regarding the control of the axis. What I am looking for is that the stabilization should function as normal on pitch and role, I do not want to have stabilization on yaw and I should be able to control manually with a joystick freely. I Have checked around but I can't find anything in settings, maybe I have missed something.

    If you have any tips, I am grateful.

    Best Regards
  • The stabilisation will be always activated, but you can control any axis with joystick, there is severa methods to coneect the joystick and that works. What is the problem?

    Ps. you can activate also follow functionality and with right settings that kind of disactivates the stabilisation, butnot completely.
  • Hi Garug,

    The problem itself is not to control the YAW with a joystick it is more that it is drifting and does not keep steady, I want to be able to rotate YAW only if the joystick, I have tried follow mode but has not managed to get it steady as needed. Is there any other way to resolve this, I really need this to work out and I hope it can be done.

    Best Regards
  • Got it solved, had just to play with dead-band and yaw speed, thanks.