robot cameraman with pan-tilt head
  • Hi,
    I'd like to build a robot cameraman similar to Soloshot: https://soloshot.com/
    Soloshot is a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera that is mounted on a tripod and films an auto tracked target (e.g. surfer, skier or drone).

    My approach is to control a PTZ camera (mounted on a tripod) using a Raspberry PI (or something similar). There are existing (surveillance) PTZ cameras, but I have not found a camera that has an large enough optical zoom (at least 50x) at an affordable price. Hence, I tend to use a regular camera (DSLR, camcorder, etc.) that is controllable (e.g. using the Sony Camera Remote API) and mounted on a motorized pan-tilt head. I have not found a pan-tilt head that is fast enough for auto tracking (and not only for slow time lapse). A gimbal should also fit my requirements, but I don't want to build that gimbal myself if I can buy a finished gimbal with a documented API or SDK to control it. I'm new to BaseCam products, but it seems that they have developers in mind. Sadly, they only offer a gimbal for smartphones: "BaseCam Handy – 3-Axis Smartphone Stabilizer".

    Does anyone know a gimbal suitable for camcorders or DSLRs that has a documented API to control it (using a Raspberry PI)?

  • I am familiar with what your trying to accomplish however robot needs intelligence this can be derived from image recondition meany such cameras and API already on the market like PIXY & others. regarding basecam electronics BGC gimbals you can buy a DYI kit for LARGE DSLR you assemble your self or ready to use one link below cheaper models FYI there is a learning curve involved!


  • all custom gimbal can be mounted on top or on bottom on tripod or robot or RC truck , copter , airplane up to you what you want to do there are accessory to mount any situation if your not handy! they all support basecam electronics come with BGC Controller.