IMU Placement - General Question
  • Hi,

    I have a question about placing imu's

    Today I have placed the camera imu on the same axis as the camera is on on the right side of axis, and have a second imu that sits above yaw rotation in the back center. I am only interested in the pitch being stable.

    Where is the best position to place them? above the camera axis, below or as far out as possible on the camera etc?

    Everything works well but I ask to know if it has any difference in stabilizing preformance. What do you recommend?


  • For what do you need frame IMU?

    Main IMU ideally at center of the axis, but more importantly on solid place. Best to test diffrent installation points it depends of the gimbal.
  • Hi Garug,

    What I read about frame IMU is that it improve stability. Is this a false statement? Let's say the axis vibrates and the construction is stable during tile, won't that help anything?

    Best Regards
  • You must try and test, but in general beter build a solid gimbal and no need for frame IMU with encoders.
  • Ok thank you