motors is missing steps
  • Hello everyone!
    I am currently adjusting a 3-axis stabilizer to fix it on a drone, and I have a problem which persists.
    The error shows: motors is missing steps, and the stabilizer is racing and running in all directions while working fine just before. I tried everything, unplug the USB cable, unplug the battery, change USB port, close and reopen the software, change profile ect ... The error remains then goes away suddenly for no apparent reason, then she comes back about ten minutes later ... so it cuts me off in my work, and I must admit that it is very annoying ...
    Do some of you know where this error can come from and / or how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance, Mathis!
  • Did you setup correct motor poles?
  • Honestly, I pretty much ignore that error. I believe it refers to the fact that your motor is moving from one magnet (rotating slightly) without it commanding the motor to do so (i.e. the motor is slipping). This can happen for any number of reasons. I would be more worried about the other symptoms. Focus on those first.

    If the gimbal is working fine one moment and not the next and you don't have encoders, it could be that the force on the motors is exceeding the power of the motors and the motors are slipping. That can cause erratic behavior (much less of a problem with encoders). If you are not putting much force on the motors and this starts happening, then check to see if you are getting I2C errors (usually displayed to the right of where the "Motor is missing steps" message is displayed).
  • Yeah if the motors cannot handle the weight this can happen, what is your power settings for motors?
  • Hello, yes I have defined the numbers of motor poles automatically: 23. Yes it just made that the stabilizer drift, so the engines move without being controlled. How can I make the stabilizer stop drifting?
    Thank you for the answers!
  • I put a power of 100 for each engine
  • You must enter the correct and actual physical numbers of the motor poles, see from the motor specifications.

    Power level depends of motors and battery, there is no general rule for that. just make sure power is low enough so that motors do not heat too much. (With encoder the power can be set to max. and temperatue model adjusted to protect motors)

    None of these affect drifting. Perform gyro calibration, that will solve drifting. (also make sure joystick is not causing it)