Error: Corrumped serial data
  • Hello everyone!
    I am currently adjusting a 3-axis stabilizer to fix it on a drone, and I have a problem which persists.
    The error shows: corrupted serial data, and the stabilizer is racing and running in all directions while working fine just before. I tried everything, unplug the USB cable, unplug the battery, change USB port, close and reopen the software, change profile ect ... The error remains then goes away suddenly for no apparent reason, then she comes back about ten minutes later ... so it cuts me off in my work, and I must admit that it is very annoying ...
    Do some of you know where this error can come from and / or how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance, Mathis!
  • I still have this recurring problem, someone knows why?

  • This message seems to come from sending and receiving commands via the serial interface (and having corruption in the command). This can be the writing/reading of profiles or realtime data with the GUI, or through some app or other interface in which you are communicating with the gimbal. Is there something you are trying to write to or read from the gimbal at the time you are getting this message?
  • Okay, thanks, but how can I remove this command corruption?
    This error happens when I make settings, I write new settings in the stabilizer, it works then suddenly the error is displayed and the stabilizer is racing.