Alexmos Control Board Overheating
  • Hey there, I'm having some difficulty with my Alexmos BGC Brushless gimbal controller, and I would really appreciate some guidance.

    First off, this is an older 8-bit version, but I believe it is a genuine Basecam product because I was able to update the firmware without incident. I am now on 2.40 b8.

    I've been more or less following an instructable project for a DIY DLSR gimbal, like this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/DSLR-Brushless-Gimbal/

    The current setup has two 5208 kv360 brushless motors (one for pitch and one for roll) attached to a control board with the larger 6234 control chips.

    What's happening is that if I set the power on the GUI to anything appreciable (i.e. higher than 35) the two main chips become VERY hot (you can start to smell hot plastic) At the default power setting (150 for both motors) it only takes about 10 to 15 seconds for the chips to become almost untouchably hot. The motors themselves stay cool.

    The motors DO move, but with the power settings so low they can't really do much of anything.

    My only thought is that perhaps there's a voltage issue with the 2S Lipo batteries I've been using - they all put out around 8.3 volts on my multimeter (and the GUI definitely has profiles/support for 2S batteries,) which from my understanding is a bit on the low side for where these controllers like to live, but before I go out and start buying different batteries, I was hoping someone who knows what they're doing can offer some advice.

    Do I need the higher voltage to make this setup work properly?

    Thank you in advance!
  • I tried switching to different batteries (outputting 17-ish volts and 12-ish volts) and nothing has changed. The control board itself gets crazy hot with the power set to anything higher than 25-ish.

    What's going on?? Did I miss something??