DYS SUMMER-AIR problem with second axis
  • Hello Everyone,
    this is my first post here :)

    I have following problem:
    When using DYS SUMMER-AIR (which suppose to have alex mos 32bit) i can control only one RC channel.
    My setup consist of ProfiCNC Pixhawk2, where output to gimbal is from RC7 and RC8.
    RC_Roll pin mode is set as normal.
    When I set input as RC-Roll i have control over only one of axis . Changes of second input (channel) is shown as movement of white arrow on the RC Settings tab but without movement of axis I chose.

    Operation Mode Selection is Angle Mode for ROLL, PITCH and YAW.

    Power is from 6S battery. Motors are getting quite hot.

    Board version: 3.1.
    Firmware: 2.68 b5
    SimpleBGC32 GUI v.2 68 b6

    Any ideas why i can’t have control over second axis ?

    Second question: Is there any repository with older firmware - such as 2.58 ?

    Third question: Maybe You have default settings profile for this gimbal ?

    Kind regards,