GB120 - AS5048a Encorder (20-30kgs)
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and BaseCam overall, I have ordered basecam pro and 2x GB120, it will be very interesting to test them out.

    I will mount both motors on the roll shaft for better torque, I just hope I can make them sync together for a good result.

    Anyone tested these motors? If so, how do you feel they have worked with basecam pro?

    Motor Details:
    GB 120 motor data: motor self-weight 1.5kg;
    Recommended motor load 15-25kg; recommended working voltage 12-36V;
    Recommended working current: 4-5A;
    Slot number 36N42P; resistance 3-4 ohms (multi-strand thick wire and winding );
    working torque is about 3.0NM

    Link to motors: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/FPV-Handheld-3-Axis-Camera-Brushless-Gimbal-Kit-3-Motors-Canon-5D2-800-DSLR-5208-180T/1518421706.html

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  • To synch them you need to have a construction that allows adjusting the motor rotation related to each other.

    As it is low resistance motor, you will need the pro board. The pro board max voltage is 26V. They do not say at what voltage the 3 NM has been measured, but as max recomended current is 5 A and resistance max 4 ohms, that would result 20V.

    Using two of them paralel will reduse the resistance by half. The Pro board can handle 8A constant and 13A peak, so that should be ok.
  • Hi Garug,

    Thanks for the information!

    Kind regards
  • I have not tested, but you might want to condider als this https://www.basecamelectronics.com/can_driver/ it has better current handling, and might be better for big gimbal.