No raw encoder data using CAN Driver and AS5048B Encoder
  • I bought the Basecam Extended with CAN Drivers and AS5048B encoders from the store. Ive got experience with the base model and have gotten the system to stabilize for standard use. However I cant get the encoders to work. When looking at the debug Im showing Encoder read errors. I cannot see any of the raw encoder data in the GUI. Does anyone know a good way to diagnose encoders? I have already pulled them off and check them with an oscilloscope and the waveform looks good. One thing I dont know is how the metal of the motor itself is effecting the encoder/magnet interface. Any ideas?
  • You need enable the advanced data to see the encoder raw data. However you should see the reason for encoder read errors first. Likely too long or too close to other cables I2C cable.
  • Thanks, I ended up figuring out the problem. The core of the motors is some sort of ferric metal and was interfering with the magnetic field. I added an offest to the magnet and its good to go. Now to work out the random system jitters.