Yaw drift and more problem
  • Hello im tuning my lastre gimbal. Ita a 1 band gimbal Luke ronin-s.
    I got 2 problema, the First is that the gimbal doesnt start to correct as soon ad i turn It in. But then about 20/30 seconda Ita start to workshop correctly.
    Its occour non Every time but its like random.

    The second problem its that the yaw axis is changing when i move the roll.

    I Will post a video
  • as you can see, the pitch is stable, the rool is stable too, but when i flex the handle on a side, the yaw start to turn...i have to correct with the joystick....i setted the outer angle tilt to -50°, no encoder installed
  • Hello,
    Does your gimbal use Frame IMU sensor?
    What firmware are you using? Try enable this option: http://ybex.com/d/tu0l25nenbgkflaf5qoinvc9eaa41ku7brcvxxwy.html
  • Yes i have Imu frame, both calibrated. The fw is the last stable avaiable. Maybe 2.63 i think. Can be usefull to do frame tempo calibration? The frame Imu its in the samr box of the controller