Help! firmware deleted
  • Hello, my name is Vito, sorry for my bad english.
    I'm asking help for my gimbal, it's the SKY GLIDE Cinema Version 2.
    I dont know how but i accidentally deleted the entire firmware from the board, i dont know how to reinstall it through the SimpleBGC_GUI_2_63b0 seems doesn't works, it says firmware version 0.00 b0. The board makes beep sounds and the gimbal is dead. Device SN is: 01236e8444f5cfc4ee. Please get me some suggestion how to make it working again! thanks
  • First problem solved, on mac the auto update function was not working, on windows it worked fine. Now I have a firmware installed. Now.. how can i recover all settings from skyglide if skyglade doesn't exist anymore? how to calibrate a gimbal for a newbie?