Order of motor connections
  • I used the diagram on page 5 Yaw, Roll, Pitch to connect my motors. After a long time I realised the board has the order as Yaw, Pitch, Roll as does the diagram on page 93.
    Also I can't find any reference as to what an error "motor is missing steps" during auto tune means?
  • Hi,
    The electrical connection does not matter, because you can assign motor of any axis to any port of the board later in the GUI. But more important is the order of motor in their connection to a gimbal mechanics, if counting from the IMU. Our system supports several configurations of this order.

    "Motor missing steps" means motor can not rotate the load with the desired speed. Most probably, torque is not enough. Another reason may be error in auto pid algorithm that caused wrong PID gains that gimbal can not carry out. Try to find initial stable values of PID manually and then run the auto tuning starting from this values, to find optimal settings.

    Regards, Aleksey.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the hint - managed to confirm that the motor I had installed on Pitch axis was faulty. Changed the Yaw for the Pitch and now I have Pitch & Roll working!!!