Pitch motor twitching up and down.
  • My pitch motor twitches up and down as soon as the gimbal gets power. i tried resetting the board several times and doing the imu and gyro calibration over as well. i have also tried several stabilization settings and cant seem to get the twitching to go away. how do i fix? is it the imu sensor that is the issue? is it the pitch motor?
  • Hello,

    Can you make a video showung this problem?
  • turned out to be an issue with the main imu cable sitting above the camera, however i ran into another issue, the rc signal for my yaw dances between 1500 and 1501 causing a very slow rotation of my gimbal over time. i have set the RC sub trim by auto and changed the deadband as well but slow rotation is persistent.
  • The dead-band should solve this problem. Just set it wider until drift stops.