Pitch overshoots and commutes for over a minute
  • Hi,

    we have a self constructed light weigth two axis gimbal with two Runcam Angle Micro cameras (120g in total) and SimpleBGC 32bit Tiny Revision B.
    One camera has a 25mm lens the other has the standard Runcam lens.

    The Gimbal Controller is connected to a Pixhawk 2 over Serial 5 set to "Alexmos Gimbal Serial".
    Max / min Pitch is set to +9000 / -9000.

    Now we have two problems:

    When we lower the pitch to 90 °, the gimbal will overshoot and oscillate for over a minute until it settles.
    Same thing when we swing back to horizontal.
    I-Pitch as already at the max of 2.55.

    The other Problem is that as long as the Serial is connected we have a light, slow jiggle on the pitch axis.
    The Pixhawk gets a clean signal from the receiver with only a variation of 1us.

    What can we do to fix this problems?