Yaw Jitter
  • I use a iFligt iPower GBM4108-120T 24N22P for yaw axis together with a Sony A6300 and a 16mm lense. The torque of the motor seems to be ok. I power the motor between 70 and 140 and the momentum is completely ok. The I value is best between 0.02 and 0.05, so that is not the problem. But I donn't get the yaw axis stable independently of choosing any combination of P and D values. On the left and right edges of the video I always have more or less shaking effect of the video. I tried more than 100 combinations of power, P and D values without satisfying results. The P values I tried are from 10 to 100, the D values from about 30 to 180 and the power values from 70 to 140. A power value more than 140 causes vibrations. So is thre a way to find the optimal settings or do you think that there is another problem?

  • Is gimbal producing high frequency vibrations? If yes, maybe you can try using Notch Filters.
    By using Notch filters I managed to use much higher gains that resulted in noticeable better stabilization.
  • Also, did you try automatic calibration? You can do it just for Yaw axis.