How to reduce "play" or "margin" or "deadzone" of motors?
  • PIDs are tuned and motors are strong, but it have some kind of "play" - motors are not holding it's position in +/- 0.2 degree range until I deflect it with bigger angle. How to fix it?
    I think because of it - my gimbal continously jitters with +/- 0.05 degree when handholding ruining still stability with long lenses.
  • Hello.

    The strength of the correction of an anglular error is defined by the "Outer P" parameter. You can try increasing it. But the "angle" control is pretty soft, so the absense of noticable reaction inside 0.2 degrees range may be normal, even if motors are strong. This may be a problem if your mechanical system has too strong static friction. Check this in first queue.

    Regards, Aleksey.