LEDs blinking, can not see board in software!
  • Hello.
    I am trying to connect my AlexMos 32bit board to my MacBook, but I don't see it on the dropdown list.
    I have installed both drivers now, the FTDI and also the SiLabs driver. Also, I have followed the steps in the manual and created the folder with permissions using terminal.
    The software is running, but it does not show my board.
    The yellow/green usb is on, and the red LED is blinking. First, the red LED blinks fast for a few seconds when connected over USB, and then it blinks very slow.

    I am using:
    -SimpleBGC GUI 2 63b0
    -Basecam BGC 32bit board (don't have any more informations about it)
    -micro usb cable (no battery pluged in, right?)
    -MacBook (OS X 10.9.5)

    I can see the following in the dropdown list:
    WiFi (TCP/IP)

    Does anybody know, what the problem might be?
    Wrong software version, wrong USB-cable, broken board?!
    Any ideas on the red blinking LEDs?

    Thanks in advance!!!
  • Hello,
    Did you make a lock file?
    Please, make photos of both sides of your board in high resolution and place here.