Yaw angle drift 1 degree per 27 seconds
  • The problem is stated in the subject and I actually got a suggestion how to fix it which does not really work for me so I thought maybe someone can help me figuring out if that suggestion was good or what have I done wrong.
    At the end of this message I attached results from diagnostics so you can see my setup. In short, I have three working and calibrated encoders, and calibrated IMU sensor. My problem is that when I immobilize IMU sensor angles keep changing all by themselves regardless of whether encoders are on or off.

    The suggestion that I got was as follows:
    "When you calibrate your encoders your gearing ratio slightly changes its value so it insignificantly deviates from 1. After calibration you have to manually set your Gearing ratio to 1 and turn the checkbox on and it will turn of the drift"

    That suggestion did not help, but there is a difference between my set up and the one that was used in the suggestion. The guy who told me to make Gearing ratio 1 used two axis gimbal (yaw and pitch) and his GUI had a "Gearing ratio" division on "Encoder/motor gearing ratio" and "Motor/frame gearing ratio".
    I on the other hand, did not have that "Gearing ratio" division in GUI.
    All I have is "Gearing ratio" spin box and a checkbox to the left of it for every encoder.

    Should that checkbox really help me and what does it actually mean in my case?
    And should that suggestion that I got actually help or was it an accident that it helped my colleague?


    My setup is as follows:
    Firmware ver.: 2.63 b0, board ver.:3.6
    assert_line: 0
    COM errors: 90
    Encoder[ROLL] type: AS5048A (SPI)
    magnitude: 70, auto-gain: 157
    diagnostic: no problems
    read errors: 0
    Encoder[PITCH] type: AS5048A (SPI)
    magnitude: 71, auto-gain: 248
    diagnostic: no problems
    read errors: 0
    Encoder[YAW] type: AS5048A (SPI)
    magnitude: 73, auto-gain: 63
    diagnostic: no problems
    read errors: 0
    TIME SLOTS FREE (us): 1:447, 2:452, 3:171, 4:398, 5:503, 6:453, 7:453, 8:252, 9:452, 10:503,
    I2C errors: none