BGC automatically changes angles
  • Hello. I've been having an issue with my new gimbal. The problem is that when I connect it to BGC and place it in nearly perfect horizontal level, it shows 0 degrees on pitch and that's ok, but when I give an angle to the gimbal to 90 degrees up by hand, in bgc it shows me 90 degrees for a second and it starts going down automatically. I can keep a hand on gimbal to look up and bgc should still show me the 90 degrees, am I right? Looks like the angle is going to 0 degrees all the time, no mather how I hold my gimbal . I'm sending you video of my issue, hope it will be easier to understand. The same situation happens with roll axis.

    My options :
    Roll PID 10; 0,15; 12
    Pitch PID 10; 0,25, 15