• setup
    arducopter v3.55
    base cam ver3 standard 2.66b2 non encoder
    dys smart 3 gimbal with I flight GBM2804H-100T Gimbal Motor with AS5048A encoder on yaw via pwm -- working as expected.
    have encoder data and offset set.
    mavlink all ok ahrs gps and control
    adjustable variables set up and working
    API_VIRT_CH_16(-518.0): MAV_CTRL_MODE(0.0)
    API_VIRT_CH_16(-6.0): MAV_CTRL_MODE(1.0)
    API_VIRT_CH_16(506.0): MAV_CTRL_MODE(2.0)
    ardu copter set up with the same channels as base cam to control gimbal ie
    basecamp virtChannel 12 13 14 for p r y
    arducopter mavlink channels 12 13 14 p r y

    on startup in follow yaw gimbal snaps to center and works very well initially mav_ctl 0.
    rc works well yaw pitch and roll. stabilisation very good.

    switch to mav_ctl mode2 gimbal now under control of arducopter -- point cam here or mission points camera correctly at target.

    problem I seem to encounter
    when setting mav_ctl back to 0 gimbal control is back under rc targeting but the camera no longer points forward but at some random
    angle, the white arrow in gui lines up with gimbal yaw angle and the encoder pwm value is not the values for center.

    hard reboot basecam and yaw back in center white arrorw in center and encoder pwm center value
    goto mode 2 gimbal does not move but is under arducopter control, I can tell as I have limmited yaw to +-10 deg in missiion planner
    and that is what I get.

    goback to mode 0 and yaw moves to random angle now back under basecam control as I now get +-90 deg yaw from rc as per settings.

    start system in mode 0 flys really well is stabalisation and rc control

    do mission and switch to mode 2 follows programmed target really well.

    At end of mission back to mode 0, now need to reboot base cam to sanop yaw back to center.


    really pleases with how mavelink is progressing, have I found a bug (it is beta) or is it some confige issue

    Steve Reed.