wtf happened?
  • BUMP - Can anyone help? terms like "encoders" are getting thrown around, my encoders are disabled with about 10 options from each drop down, frame IMU is disabled, I recovered the board from a backup file and loaded the EEPROM that varavon supplied but still nothing from the motors... I would be glad to screenshare or something with someone... Fuck it, I'll pay if you get it fixed.

  • That could be somethign simple, but not possible to say by the description and it could be simply broken; the board, some cable... impossible to say without seeing it.
  • I have tons of pictures, what do you need to see? nothing broken on the board that I can see... From what I understand the basecam boards are opensource DIY based... can I not just start all over from scratch? it worked fine before all of this, just needed to be recalibrated from what I know now...
  • I more maent, to have it in my hands, it would be easy to see what is the problem.

    BaseCam is not open source, but yes you can and should do the complete tuning in case the settings have been lost. You can not just copy a profile from someone else. Motor inverted is quite possible different. also if it has encoders, their calibration is bretty sure different, and in any case you need to calibrate the IMU(s)

    What errors do you get on the information screen? what version of FW is installed.

  • FW 2_59b1 is currently installed. I have tried to calibrate the IMU but it says frame IMU is disabled. I can calibrate the sensor but I have no controls or anything. I am getting a license invalid error as well as "no confirmation on writing parameters for command 22, 34, 63. I have a host of files that were supplied by varavon including profiles, firmware, .data, .profile, eeprom stuff, encoder files, all of that... maybe I dont know the correct order to load and set everything??
  • update: basecam support is making me a FW file with my board SN number. I will keep this updated as I progress...
  • UPDATE: Varavon pulled through and connected via teamviewer and spent about an hour and half adjusting and running diagnostics.

    The controller is not distributing power to the motors. Battery is fully charged and powers the controller. All lights are on, sensors are working fine, just nothing to the motors. The software reports “battery 0.0” at all times.

    They offered to fix it for free if I payed shipping to/from Korea. At almost $725USD round trip, that’s not likely.

    Any ideas on what to look for? I’m very handy with a volt meter but I’m not sure where to look. Maybe a new 32bit controller? I’d rather spend $100 than $725.

  • Hello,
    Did you try to calibrate battery? You can enter real battery voltage (2): push CALIBRATE button (Service tab), check battery voltage by multimeter and enter in the input field.
    Also select battery type in drop-down list below (1).
    Write settings to te board.
  • blacktophat, I wrote in your a new topic, you need to take a photo, and then we can mark the points for testing.
  • Anytime I write to the board I get error:

    Something goes wrong when writing parameters:
    -No confirmation on writing parameters for command 22
    -No confirmation on writing parameters for command 34
    -No confirmation on writing parameters for command 63

    So I'm not sure if it wrote the calibration or not, nothing changes so I assume not.
  • Also I'm not sure where or what I would enter for battery type???
    It is a:

    Anypower T-Power 7412
    Li-Ion 3.7v 10400mAh
    output 7.4v/12v 2A
  • "Anytime I write to the board I get error:"
    - Try to use latest GUI: https://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/32bit/#latest

    "Also I'm not sure where or what I would enter for battery type??? "
    - Could you check voltage of fully charged battery (on + and - contacts) by multimeter?

    Thank you to everyone who commented or reached out personally, to @AndrewSupport and the basecam team. Andrew sent me the 2_63 FW file with my SN embedded and she works perfectly now, so far as I can tell. Battery issue is resolved as well. I'm still not 100% sure what went wrong where but its resolved now. I have many many emails and screenshots, and a 48m screen recording of varavon remote session with me that I will be happy to provide to anyone that may need them!
    Thank you all so much!!!!