unstable when tilting to 90 degrees for- or backwards
  • Hello,

    I've a question about increasing the working angles of my gimbal.
    If the frame of my gimbal is tilted forward or backwards for more than 45° degrees, the yaw and roll axes will swing and the gimbal is unstable. If I go clearly over 90° it gets stable again. The activation of the second IMU (onboard, above yaw) didn't solve the problem. But I've seen videos where tilting up to 90° is possible with a SimpleBGC. Have you got any advise for me?

    My config:
    homemade handheld gimbal for garmin virb ultra 30 with axes-order: camera->pitch->roll->yaw
    SimpleBGC 32 tiny Rev. B (with encoder option but encoder disabled)
    first IMU under the camera, second IMU (onboard) above yaw.
    follow mode is disabled.

    thank you in advance and kind regards

  • Hello,
    I found the solution myself. I had to load the firmware without encoders (make sure that you uncheck "Show compatible firmwares only" in the gui). Now my gimbal works like a charm and as expected.
  • Thanks for the answer.
    I had exactly the same issue and did what you suggested and all was well.

  • Hello, does perhaps anybody know a solution with encoders? My 2 axis gimbal gets unstable on roll and pitch, when the camera looks down for more than 80°. FW tested starting with 2_61 to2_68
  • Same problem here.