GUI is not downloading firmware! Stuck on 0.00 firmware...
  • Hello,

    the firmware upgrading process stops when the Programm is trying to download the new firmware. The Details show the following text:

    Pausing monitoring..
    Signing request..
    Entering boot mode...
    Waiting for bootloader to start...
    Downloading firmware...
    Downloading firmware...

    After that nothing happens. I accidentally flashed the firmware that came with the GUI which leads to a 0.00 number which is not a problem since I read it is still possible to upgrade the firmware from that version.

    I'm on a Mac running High Sierra and the connection to the board works etc. but it does not upgrade the firmware :-(

    Can I download the firmware manually? Since the manual update to the 0.00 firmware worked it could work with the 2.63 b0 too.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!!!

    Best regards,

  • Hello,
    It is not possible to download firmware manually, but we can make and send it to you as a file. We need a device S/N to sign it.