"diagnostic: Magnetic field is too low!" - what it means?
  • Got new Beholder DS2A and I have in Debug:
    "magnitude: 111
    diagnostic: Magnetic field is too low! "
    on both Roll and Pitch motors...
    I also have Beholder EC1 and same message, but only for Pitch motor.

    What it means? How to fix? What negative effect?
  • This means excatly that. Magnet is too far a vay or too weak. ofthen this is with magnets with hole. Not ideal, but it can still work ok and if it does not to worry.
  • Thanks, Garug!
    Hope to get some more answers, but that forum looks like not active :(
    Is there any other places to get in-depth information for SimpleBGC tuning?
  • The users manuals are a good start.

    here is no more information available for the magnetic field is too low. it just means that. To fix it magnet needs to be installed according the users manual. But if it works ok, not to worry.
  • so far I read manual twice and spent more than 2 weeks for tuning and calibrating and there is still a lot of issues with getting perfectly smooth operation :\ may be it is Beholder stabilizers that so bad built...