How to fix YAW compass drift (0.02 after gyro calibration)
  • Could someone please help me with ideas or solutions to point out what's the defect or producing the error so I can fix it?

    The top right Compass (YAW Axis supposely) gives me always a spin or drift. Which results in that I can not ever use follow mode. The Gimbal always turns left or right constantly and like accumulative. I installed a Joystick and switched of follow mode to be able to use it at least. But I want follow mode active so bad!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    - In the past and when Gimbal was new it was very fast rotating, but after many attempts of calibration it actually works on this minimum Error
    - After 5 Minutes right now the grey arrow moved SOUTHWEST to -4.39 and rising in 0.02 steps (to the left now, my image shows the other side though)

    What I tried:
    - IMU Switch above YAW and under Camera to see if it changes - NO
    - IMU Calibration 6 sides on a glass cube, still attached to gimbal and holding the sensor on the cubes sides (pressed calibrate and temp calibrate each time)
    - Gyro Calibration while gimbal is hanging untouched on the table without moving
    - Gyro Temp Calibration with pitch sensor on 22°C and YAW sensor around 36°C (maybe important?)
    - attached a ferrit core with 2 loops for 1 sensor
    - checked IMU data with motor cables disconnected and battery off

    I assume the issue is Gyro related, since it has always some tiny peaks in it's green arrea on the indicator, never yellow though.

    Monitor Window: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Accumulating Value here...

    Well - I really have no clue what to do anymore or where the problem could be.

    Some more details for the Setup: The gimbal is Carbon pipes and 1 IMU cable was too short, so I enhanced it a bit with USB cable wires. All wired through the motorholes and pipes.

    Let's hear solutions! :)