Second IMU sensor
  • Hi,
    Till know I have been trying to tune-up my gimbal thinking the following:
    - The MAIN IMU sensor is built-in into the board control (embedded in it). In my case I am using a simplebgc-tiny model.
    - The optional Second IMU is the one placed below the camera connected by I2C.

    But reading and reading the manual, now it is coming to my mind that I am cofused.
    Is the main IMU sensor the one that must be placed below the camera? And then, is the second optional IMU the one that is placed in any other place of the FRAME that must be installed using the I2C Splitter + wire? Therefore, there is no IMU sensor embedded in the board control...

    If somenone can clarify...

    Thanks in advance!
  • You get me confused about what you are confused about. Main IMU needs to be connected to camera, second imu on frame, above or below yaw. It is as simple as that.

    The I2C IMUs need to have different address, after that you just tell on GUI whear each IMU is installed.
  • Thanks!
    It has been just that i thought that the control board had and IMU ítself ( embedded)...but the thing is that in spite of not placíng the second IMU, the GUI gives you the opportunity of calibrating it...isnt it?