Beholder DS1 profiles
  • I've been looking everywhere for these and can't find anything, does no one even want to share?

    I did manage to save one of the profiles from an earlier firmware version that was on my gimbal when I bought it second hand, unfortunately I don't know where my gimbal was originally purchased from and it seems like no one wants to help!! I know that owldolly released newer profiles but they wont give these out to you unless you are a customer which totally sucks and ikan don't give out profiles at all.

    Here is the profile I managed to save which might be of use to someone.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/i18kgyfro8pl34h/Profile1 default original .profile?dl=0

    If anyone has more recent ones please please please can you share? literally only takes a moment to place into a dropbox folder and share the link as I have.