Gimbal suddenly stopped working and started to make strange noises
  • Hello! I have a 3-axis gimbal with AlexMos 32 bit plate. Yesterday it suddenly stopped working and started to squeak. After restart, it works for a few seconds and the same thing starts. Actually pitch is working, but other two axis just doing nothing. Here is video:
    What could that noise mean? It appears from a pitch motor.
  • If video is not seemed, follow the link - www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCL9rVxdztQ&list=UUdItqqfT3MEF_xFOZTcqznw
  • Hello,
    Did you try connect the gimbal to the GUI and check the errors at the moment when it produces extraneous sounds?
    If the GUI will display errors, make a screenshot and attach here.
  • AndrewSupport, thanks for advice, but the problem has been already solved. It was because of bad battery - voltage was too low. Works well with new battery!