Help! DS1 suddenly not functional, only green power light, PID and power settings grayed out
  • So my Ikan DS1 was perfectly functional until 5 minutes ago. I was calibrating it, and I didn't like the new calibrations, the roll was not holding steady, so I loaded up the older settings I had saved from a few days ago with the 'load profile' button, and hit 'write.' There was no sound from the DS1, unlike normal. It normally chirps 3 times whenever a new setting is written. And instantly, the PID and Power settings became grayed out. Now it's non functional. Only the green power light is on. The software reads from the sensors, though with a 2 second delay, and I can write and read PID and power settings from the board, but the gimbal is totally broken as a gimbal, the motors won't energize!

    I'm so frustrated! I was tuning it for a travel gig this weekend! I need this thing to work? Is there a way to reset it to factory without having to send it in for service?
  • What FW, wath GUI, sounds they might be mismatch, they must be same.