YAW encoder is crazy ...
  • When I enable my YAW encoder. The white arrow in GUI becomes crazy

    Here the video: youtu.be/8E1MexSmV3A
    My encoder is AS5048A
    Firmware: Tried the 2.63b4 now trying 2.65b9 result is the same

    What i doing wrong?

  • I have a similar problem, which in a position of the YAW, makes me strong spasms. It only does it in the YAW. What can be?
  • Did it ever work? likely basic setup problem, or encoder calibration problem. If it is connected with i2c or SPI reguest state in debug. Could be also magnet plasement problem.
  • Hello Garug
    How could it be a problem with Magnet?
    The Motor works, but sometimes it does that. And it's not the only gimbal that does that, I've seen it in several.
  • If the magnet is rotating related to motor, it is not at center of the encoder, or it is too far from the encoder.