H2 no longer working properly since firmware update
  • Since upgrading to the latest firmware my H2 no longer works properly.

    The joystick doesn't work, nor any of the modes.

    I've tried reinstalling previous firmwares with no change.

    Not really sure what to do I erase the eeprom data too hoping that would help. It didn't.

    Please help
  • Verify joystick settings, do youstick calibration and make sure you are using same GUI version number as FW version number
  • Sadly I can not seem to get the gimbal to connect to the GUI again.
  • It looks then you have something more seriously wrong then. If flashing failed, see the emergency recovery on the users manual.
  • Where do I find this information? My user manual does not mention emergency recovery
  • You could also try these

    Additionally, there are special actions if you press 'menu' button more than 5 times:
    • 10 times (starting from firmware ver. 2.55, 9 short clicks than 10th long press to protect from accidental execution) – full erase of all settings. WARNING: Use this option for recovery only, if board is not accessible from the GUI or no other ways to make it working.
    • 8 times – all COM-ports function will be reset to their defaults: parsing of the SimpleBGC serial protocol only.
    • 12 times – Serial speed will be reset to default value 115200 and all COM-ports function will be reset to their defaults. Use it if you changed the speed, but your wireless module, used for connection to the board, does not support this speed and board becomes not accessible. (starting from firmware version 2.50x)

    See the user manual on the top bar.
  • Uploading firmware in the manual mode.
    This option is intended for special cases when the board becomes bricked (GUI cannot connect to it) and you need to upload special a “recovery” version of firmware, or when you experienced problems with automatic upgrade. Use this mode carefully and only if you understand what you are doing!
    1. Disconnect any power source and USB cable.
    2. Close (set) FLASH jumper on board (attach jumper to the 2 pins marked as 'FLASH', thus shorting them)
    3. Connect board to PC by USB cable
    4. Run GUI, select COM port (but don't connect!) and go to "Upgrade firmware", "Manual" tab but DONOTPRESS"CONNECT"INTHEGUI,IFJUMPERISCLOSED! Ifpressed,youneedtorepeatall steps from the beginning.
    5. Choose firmware file (*.hex or *.bin format).
    6. Select board version:
    • v.3.x (32bit) through Virtual COM Port – for a regular 32-bit board
    • v.3.x (32bit) through USB in DFU mode – for a “Tiny” type 32-bit version. You need to update DFU
    device driver before proceeding to the next step (see instructions below)
    7. Press "FLASH" button and wait for process to finish.
    8. Open (remove) FLASH jumper.
    If board is alive (you can connect to the GUI), you can upload firmware in manual mode without setting FLASH jumper:
    1. Connect to board in the normal way.
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    13. Firmwareupdate
    2. Choose firmware file.
    3. Press "FLASH" button and wait for process to finish.
  • Ok. Great. Where do I get the flash file from?
  • also which is the menu button on the H2? Is that the mode button? If so I didn't have any success in pressing it 10, 8 or 12 times
  • Does flashing only work on Windows? I've attempted flashing on my Mac but it didn't work
  • Did this ever work out, I've been trying to connect my h2 but stuck saying serial data corrupted and not sure if doing recovery 100% right