• If i have follow yaw mode off and the gimbal has near constant rate where it turns in idle. I checked monitoring tab in the GUI and camera IMU shows that ACC_X and ACC_Y are around 0 where as ACC_Z is near constant 515. Is it something to do with that? Since i have encoders follow yaw keeps it perfectly steady but as soon as it is off the gimbal starts slowly rotating right.

    Im pretty clueless as to why it keeps constantly turning and only in yaw.
  • My bad, imu is measuring gravity on one axis xD. Ignore the accelero numbers bit.

    But the problem remains. I have encoders on all axes. If follow mode is off yaw axis drifts a few degrees per second. Can it be mechanics thats the problem? My gimbal does not hold steady when the motors are off. Can this cause this sort of problems?

    In the manual there is a line "The conditions when a gyro drift can be removed: encoders are installed on all 3 axes, or 2nd IMU is installed directly on a frame." I have encoders but the drift is there. Does that comment refer to that if you use follow mode the drift will be removed? I mean you could read it directly from encoders. Is there some setting im missing to say that i have encoders and gyro drift should be eliminated?

    There is the parameter for GYRO_HEADING_CORRECTION. This sound like exactly what i need. Is there a way to set it manually outside of scripts? Shouldn't it be set automatically?
  • Hello,
    "....ACC_X and ACC_Y are around 0 where as ACC_Z is near constant 515. Is it something to do with that?"
    - What displays sensor calibration helper in the GUI? Because if something wrong with IMU sensor, you can see it via calibration process.

    What firmware version are you using?
  • Yes, what version I should use here? Because I have similar problem