Serial data corrupt
  • Hi guys I have storm 32 BCG and when I connect to GUI it says "serial data corrupt" and everything is disabled, it's not able to communicate with GUI software. I tried 4 different USB short cables still no luck. And when I connect to battery only yaw works but if I try pitch or roll it's shakey as. Can someone lead me to right path please.
  • this usually indicates a issue with your PC ! do have another program using the serial port or truing to?
  • Okey, it's a 4 year old laptop so PC might have problem, but I don't have another program using serial port. And I am using the nice USB cable too, any other possibility why it's doing it? And when I reset my BCG I can use pitch but if I use yay or pitch it's bit shakey too. Thank you for reply
  • I used MacBook air and still same problem, "serial data corrupt" "re-connect board. Ensure correct serial port is selected. Check firmware/GUI version compatibility".
    Not sure what's happening :(
  • yes you need to make sure your using the correct firmwear for the GUI. then you need to make sure you have the proper drivers installed!
    FTDI chip driver might be http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm,
    or for the CP2102 chip use
    http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/pages/usbtouartbridgevcpdrivers.aspx. In both cases, after you
    install the driver and connecting the board, a new virtual COM port will be created. You will need to
    choose this COM port in the SimleBGC software (GUI) to initiate the connection. if this is unsuccessful you can attach FTDI to USB adapter to serial port of BGC !
  • Hi mate, I tried everything but my board is not being read at all! If you could help me I'm happy to pay if it fixed, should I send you pic of my board and my error? If you could provide me your email I will send you pics. Cheers