Test betaversion 'BasecamBGC32'
  • Hello,
    I tested the beta version of the interface for Android present in the Play Store (BasecamBGC32).
    Everything seems to work fine, for me the only difficulty is the Bluetooth connection, you have to go back several times to connect. I'm on V2.63b0.
    I use a Bluetooth module HC-06. With the HC-11 module (BLE) provided by BasecamElectronics, I was unable to connect.
  • Hello,
    Thank you for your response. We are searching a solution for this problem. See for updates.

    Regards, Aleksey.
  • same problem!
    fbt 06 bluetooth module
    firm. v. 2.63 b6
  • Hello marcgot! I bought and HC-06 Module, version 1.1. Did you use the same configuration provided by Basecam for their modules or did you do something different? I send the AT command, but it has no response..

  • Hello Gyroscope,
    To switch to AT command mode with an HC-06 module, press the small button on the card before turning it on. Now it accepts the AT commands from the configuration program (pin code 1234). When connected, the LED blinks slowly.
    Regards, Marc
  • Hello,
    the new update of the beta version works perfectly. (v2.66b0)
    thank you very much
    Regards, Marc
  • Hello,
    I am trying to connect to EC1 using bluetooth and android app v3.01b1. It connects but hangs on "Reading device parameters(2/6).
    Is there an earlier stable version that will work with my EC1?
    Am I just missing something?
    Any help appreciated.
    Thanks, TV