Misalignment correction
  • In the manual for 2.63 under "Hardware Settings" there is a paragraph briefly explaining "Misalignment correction". I couldn't really understand it. Could someone please try to explain the procedure more in detail.

    Thank you!
  • In the manual it is articulated that sensor should be aligned properly when mounting on a gimbal. If it is not aligned, like on this piscture: http://ybex.com/d/laiu2l41fol8e0i43m1ovx28t4wca6iirg1c20kt.html , there is still a possibility to fix it by this paramer.
  • Yes I've figured that out but I was more wondering about the correction procedure. Is the idea to fixate the tilt and roll motors and rotate the pan axis?
  • No, the correct way is to fix the stator of tilt motor and rotate the camera only, so a sensor is rotating over the single axis that matches with the tilt motor's shaft.
  • Thank you alexmos for your explanation. Following you instruction and only moving roll back and forth (no yaw movement) I got the values 0, 5, 5. After writing the values the roll axis is far from horizontal. I guess it's because the correction value of 5. How can I get it horizontal again?

    Thank you!
  • The value 5 is the maximum allowed, that means that calibration is incorrect. You said you move ROLL motor - is it the first motor connected to a camera? Is the hardware order of axes is set "ROLL-PITCH-YAW"? In any case, it is not a critical parameter, so you can set 0 to all fields to disable it.
  • Bjorn, I believe what Aleksey is trying to say is that only the motor nearest camera (usually tilt) should be moved during calibration. Yaw and roll should be mechanically locked (try using tape) during calibration, and only the tilt/pitch motor should be moved. Is that correct, Aleksey?
  • Yes, it is correct. Only one note: the stator of rotating motor should be completely immovable. The best option - fix it by vice, clamp or something, or put and press firmly to a table. The orientation of rotating axis does not matter. Better to turn motors OFF.
  • Thank you guys for the clarification. Now I get it.