Tiny Rev B board overheating
  • I am using a Tiny Rev B board (FW version 2.60 b4) for a pitch-only micro gimbal. On the gimbal I have a Raspberry Pi camera and I'm using a Maxon EC flat motor (model nr 351056). I am powering the board with a 3S LiPo, i.e. ~12V, I have configured 75% power in the GUI.
    After running the gimbal only a few minutes, it goes into a failure mode, stating that some temperature is too high.

    Now I could understand the motor getting too hot if it is not matched well for the weight it has to bear. But since the gimbal board has a maximum current it can provide (1A), I would expect the board to simply not be able to hold the desired pitch setpoint.

    Can somebody give some advice about what I can do to fix this?
  • In fact I just noticed, the board gets very hot to the touch within seconds of powering on the board, regardless if the motors are turned on or off.
  • Hello Nicolas,
    Try disconnect all external devices (receiver, motor, IMU and etc) from control board.
    Dismount control board from the gimbal.
    Connect USB to the board and check 5V and 3.3V on this pins: http://ybex.com/d/lhk8mt2svktkjgorzauzw291np7fqx2yapk596b9.html
    Repeat test with a battery (without USB connection). Tell us about result.
    Thank you.